Customized Customer Service

About Gift Wrapping

If you wish to have your order with multiple items be gift wrapped together as a single gift, we offer FREE gift-wrapping service! Please see below for further information. 

Our gift kit includes:

・A gift box with paper cushioning

・Wrapping paper, with two variants (theme-coordinated version for all stores in Oketo, or OKECRAFT special version)

・Noshi (ceremonial gift ornament considered a token of good fortune in Japan)

We provide paper cushioning in six different colors: dark green, pink, yellow green, ivory, sky blue, and pale brown. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Customers who wish to have the order gift wrapped, please tell us your gift-wrapping preferences in the “Comments” section at the bottom of the “Shopping cart” screen. Including:

① Color of paper cushioning (Refer to the following images below)

② Wrapping paper

③ With or without Noshi

④ If you choose “With Noshi” in ③, please tell us the type of Mizuhiki*, the type of gifts, and the sender’s name (last name only or full name)

*Mizuhiki− Japanese decorative cords. We offer three types of knot options for different purposes.

For wedding wishes, get well wishes, etc.: Square knot with red and white cords

For New Year wishes, thank you messages, annual celebrations, etc.: Bow knot with red and white cords

For funeral condolences messages, etc.: Square knot with white and black cords


In the picture above, from left to right, are color variants of paper cushioning: dark green, pink, yellow green. 

In the picture above, from left to right, are color variations of paper cushioning: ivory, sky blue, pale brown. 

OKECRAFT special version wrapping paper on the left of the picture, and theme-coordinated version for all stores in Oketo on the right. 

A special handling fee applies for purchase in large quantities such as party favors, for which we kindly ask for your understanding.